Altair Global Contest for Students – 2022

Explore the limitless possibilities of system simulation enhanced by Artificial Intelligence

The Challenge

What if you could create a simulation model that retains the precision of a full scale 3D analysis while running up to thousands of times faster?

This technology is already here and is called romAI! it uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create a reduced order model (rom) of your detailed system model. In the case of a complete system simulation, it is often sufficient to reduce components to their essential behavior, and improve run time while still achieving sufficiently accurate results.

The romAI models need just a small set of physical data or few results from 3D simulation runs to use as training data and generate the reduced order model (rom) that delivers fast run times and accurate results. romAI produces highly accurate results when operating within the training space and is even stable and useful for extrapolation outside the space.

Welcome to the unique experience of this AI driven system modeling contest, which is a fun and quick way to learn system modeling, digital twins and AI, and win exciting prizes. Your task is to create a romAI model of any system, trained with either real or simulation test data, and validate it with previously unused test data. Training material, free software, webinars and other such resources will be provided for all participants.

Join one of the regional contests! Please choose the one your university is located in. Regional winners have a further chance to win the global prize*!

The deadline for submissions is July 29, 2022 (11:59 p.m. Eastern Standard Time).

For more information about the contest, prizes, registration, read here.