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WS Altair_SFoundation


S-FOUNDATION automatically generates and manages the underlying structural FEA model as you create the foundations. Analyze with a linear or non-linear analysis to produce detailed engineering reports.
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Use S-LINE to Analyze, Design and Detail reinforced multi-span continuous beams having different section dimensions and reinforcement layout for each span. S-LINE’s versatility allows code checking, auto-design and detailing.


Increase productivity and design accuracy with S-CALC, a comprehensive section property calculator. Ideal for sections having complex geometry and multiple materials, S-CALC calculates over 16 distinct section properties.
WS ALtair_STimber


Structural Modeling, Analysis and Timber Design: The Solution to Mass Timber, Light-Frame and Hybrid Structures. Use S-TIMBER to model and analyze mass timber and hybrid timber structures (Timber-Concrete-Steel models).


Quickly model structures with built-in modeling tools or use integrated BIM and DXF data sharing links. Maximize your productivity with integrated Concrete, Foundation and Steel design and optimization.
WS Altair_SConcrete


Choosing the right concrete design and detailing solution is necessary for saving time while meeting code compliance. S-CONCRETE can accelerate your project workflow from design setup to report generation.
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Use S-PAD to quickly code check a structural steel column, beam or brace without modeling the entire structure. Simply input design loads and effective lengths of the steel member then run a quick check in seconds.