Simulation-driven Design and SimSolid

ATCx in Adriatic region

ATCx Conference held on 1-2 October in Zagreb and Ljubljana was successful gathering of Engineers and Managers from R&D institutions interested in learning and sharing experiences in engineering, design and high-performance computing with Altair’s team of experts.

It gaves insight into how different industries are using the latest trends in simulation and optimization technologies. Special emphasis was on Altair SimSolidTM designed to work directly on fully featured CAD assemblies without creating a mesh. It eliminates geometry preparation and meshing; the two most time-consuming, expertise-intensive and error prone tasks in a traditional structural simulation.

SimSolid is used by designers, design engineers, and simulation analysts. It’s helping to gain a competitive advantage with a higher productivity and deliver projects on budget and on time, while meeting performance requirements.

Currently we are offering a 14-day free trial for SimSolid. This trial is for a limited time, so if you are considering SimSolid and want to see what all the hype is about, now is the time to take advantage.

Access to the free, no obligation trial can be found here.

ATCx Zagreb
ATCx Ljubljana