ATCx Electronics for Engineers 2023

Virtual Global Event | October 26, 2023

Supercharging Electronic Design Development

Innovators in the electronics space know that successful new technology depends on razor thin timelines and cost margins. As electronic system complexity increases across different industries globally, demand for solutions that help achieve electronic, electrical, mechanical, thermal, and connectivity goals is at an all-time high.​

Altair Technology Conference will highlight how experts leverage converging simulation, AI, and data analytics technologies to push the boundaries of electronic design. Tracks will cover high-tech, automotive, and aerospace industries.

Join us to learn how your organization can breakdown data silos, collaborate, and discover actionable insights that drive real business value. Don’t miss this opportunity to bring your design development ahead of the curve in the world of electronics.

This is a global event! We will launch in three time zones and offer live audio translation of presentations into seven languages across the different time zones.

Decision Precision in Electronic System Design

Explore ways to improve reliability and accuracy in product development and the solutions that can prepare companies for future design challenges. Industry leaders will present insights into the successful strategies they have implemented within their organizations for accelerated, reliable, and sustainable electronic system design. This virtual event is designed to assist engineers and engineering managers specializing in electronics-based products. The sessions are organized into two focus areas:

Track One: Navigating High Tech Electronics Innovation empowers engineers working with compact, high-speed electronics to accelerate time to market and enhance cost efficiency through precise, error-free design decisions. Explore design solutions that address performance and manufacturability from the semiconductor level to the system level to reach optimum designs for improved after-sales reliability.

Track Two:
Future-Proofing Aerospace and Automotive Electronic Design offers a deep dive into electronic system design challenges in the automotive and aerospace industries. Learn how engineers use simulation and data analytics to handle connected end-to-end design workflows early in the design cycle where reliability and robustness can be addressed before products reach the market.

Check the agenda here.