High Fidelity Meshing for Complex Designs in AEC

September 29, 2022 | Live Webinar

High Fidelity Meshing for Complex Designs in AEC

Join us to learn about advanced meshing solutions AEC

HyperMesh, the most trusted industry standard for FE modeling and visualization is ideal for complex connections or industry sectors requiring 3D hexahedron or tetrahedron solid elements.

This advanced meshing overview explains:

  • The differences between SimSolid, a mesh-free analysis solution, and Hypermesh, an advanced meshing solution, and when to choose either.
  • When advanced meshing is ideal for certain 1D, 2D, and 3D meshing applications.
  • The open architecture that enables Hypermesh’s pre-processor to integrate with workflows using 3rd party FEA solvers.

    Using a 3D dam model meshed with hexahedron solid elements, we show how to:

  • Adjust views and separate model components into different groupings for individual visualization and modification
  • Add surfaces, cavities, fillets, etc.
  • Combine, intersect, and detach solids
  • Use mesh morphing tools to modify complex meshed geometry quickly