How are Your Industry Peers Using Technology to Get Ahead?

The future of smart, connected product development is where artificial intelligence (AI), simulation, and high-performance computing (HPC) converge to a unified discipline. This is sometimes referred to as computational science and engineering. How far away is that future? When will broad adoption begin? What does it mean for you?

To help Altair customers make strategic decisions about technology investments leveraging the convergence of HPC, simulation, and AI Altair surveyed a global sample of product development professionals across large and small enterprises. In collaboration with CIMdata – the leading independent global strategic management consulting and research authority focused exclusively on PLM and the digital transformation it enables – we explored respondents’ levels of technology adoption and their anticipated levels of acceptance and influence in five years. Responses came from business leaders, technologists, and researchers across the corporate functions of design, engineering, data science, information technology (IT), and operational technology (OT).

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