SimSolis 2020.2 is available!

We are pleased to announce that SimSolid 2020.2 is available, which brings many new functionalities.

Release highlights:

• Fatigue Analysis using S-N (stress-life). Fully automated two-step Fatigue Analysis workflow based on automotive industry practices (see attached mp4)
• Multi-loadcases workbench for running multiple structural analyses linked to Fatigue Analysis
• Siemens Teamcenter integration
• Export deformed shapes from a design study for deformation compensation
• Volumetric expansion/shrinkage (including seam welds)
• Enhanced response mesh (lighter, better quality, with option to refine at a selected part)
• Improved solver performance resulting in faster runtimes and reduced memory footprint

For more information download Altair SimSolid 2020.2 Release Notes