Simulate at the Speed of Design 2024

May 16, 2024 | Virtual Event


Looking to Cut Down Development Time and Lower Costs for Your Next Product?

By leveraging CAE, FEA simulation technologies early in the development process, you can expedite the creation of high-performance, profitable products. However, we also understand the challenges you may face selecting the right simulation solution and implementing it effectively, especially with limited resources.

If you are a SMB/SME organisation, contemplating implementing simulation (CAE, FEA) for the first time, or facing issues with speed and accuracy while using CAD embedded simulation tools, or looking to delve into multi-physics analysis, we invite you to join our complimentary virtual event on May 16, 2024. Join us and discover how a blend of software, support, and expertise from both your industry peers and Altair’s professionals can enhance your efficiency and effectiveness using simulation (CAE, FEA) in product development.

Who should attend?

  • Design Engineering and Manufacturing process engineers, Tool-room engineers, managers, and department heads who use CAD/CAE, or rely on the CAE, FEA teams for their engineering or manufacturing process decisions or outsource CAE, FEA simulation services.
  • CAE Engineers, analysts, and leaders of the CAE department
  • If you currently utilize 3D CAD software and are exploring the possibility of integrating CAE, FEA simulation tools for the first time
  • If you are facing challenges with the efficiency and precision of CAD embedded simulation (CAE, FEA) tools
  • If you’re interested to delve into multi-physics analysis and ready to progress to the next level
  • Why should you attend?

    Discover how small and medium organizations (SMB/SME) similar to yours are utilizing Altair simulation (CAE, FEA) solutions such as Altair® Inspire™, SimSolid®, SimLab® to minimize the risks and costs associated with late design and manufacturing changes.

    Topics covered in the event:

  • Insightful presentations from small to medium-sized business (SMB/SME) customers of Altair and Altair Channel Partners, sharing their journey transitioning from CAD embedded Simulation to effectively integrating CAE, FEA simulation in their product development process.
  • Generative Design, Concept Development, Topology Optimization or Design for Manufacture in Altair® Inspire™.
  • Rapid Structural Analysis in Altair SimSolid® for parts or large assemblies.
  • Drop Test, Thermal, CFD, Fatigue or combined Multiphysics Analysis in Altair® SimLab®
  • Manufacturing Feasibility, Process Simulation with Inspire Cast, Inspire Form, Inspire Mold, Inspire Extrude or Inspire Print 3D.
  • Sessions will feature live audio translation into ENGLISH, FRENCH, GERMAN, SPANISH, ITALIAN, PORTUGUESE, JAPANESE, CHINESE, KOREAN.