Simulation at the Speed of Design

Free Virtual Event: 24th November 2020 I 2 pm – 5 pm CET

Learn How Leading OEMs and Their Supply Chain Are Making Design Decisions in Seconds

We are excited to invite you to a unique virtual event featuring Jaguar Land Rover, GM, NOV, Whirlpool and more; who will give you a practical insight into their use of revolutionary simulation technologies to drive down development time.

Through a mixture of presentations and demonstrations, the speakers will reveal how the deployment of game changing structural analysis solutions early in the development process, is allowing their design teams to assess product performance in seconds! As a result, organisations can develop more mature designs earlier, compressing development processes and reducing risk and cost.

Assess Product Performance in Seconds with No Meshing or Geometry Simplification Required

Join the event and see how Altair SimSolid can provide a huge product development speed increase by providing early design guidance and eliminating the need for geometry simplification and meshing, the two most time consuming and expertise extensive tasks done in traditional simulation packages and CAD embedded simulation modules. Take away practical advice that you can apply to your own development process to accelerate development and reduce cost.

All attendees will get access to a free trial of SimSolid with technical support to get you started.

Attend and Learn:
– How powerful simulation technologies are being deployed in design teams of leading manufacturers
– How these technologies can provide you with design guidance for highly complex parts in seconds
– How simulation can be used early in the concept process to inform design decisions and minimise the cost of change

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