For all Process Manufacturers: How to benefit from Smart Manufacturing Technologies

Any industry that produces bulk quantities of goods such as chemicals, food, cosmetics or pharmaceuticals is seeking to produce high quality products consistently while reducing cost factors like waste and down time. Due to the nature of process manufacturing, multiple ingredients are combined to be mixed, coated, or sorted, so understanding the behavior of these processes is highly important.

Through the use of mart manufacturing principals and simulation modeling, manufacturers are now able to optimize these processes, which leads to greater productivity and profitability. This progression is largely the result of what has been coined ‘Industry 4.0’; a reference to the next industrial revolution of which we are on the precipice.

Leveraging data produced from smart manufacturing technologies is fundamental to achieving the benefits offered when applied to process manufacturing. Equipment maintenance, quality, efficiency monitoring, and building data and physics-based digital twins all produce data that needs to be converted, stored, and analyzed.

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